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Medical Interpreter Assessments

Language Training Programs for Medical Interpreters

Training Courses for Medical Staff and Healthcare Interpreters

Training Courses for Medical Staff and Healthcare Interpreters

Training is offered on-site or through video conferencing depending on the modules chosen.

A certificate of completion will be provided upon completion of each course.


Introduction to healthcare interpreting (4 hours)

A.            General skills for healthcare interpreters

B.            Roles of the interpreter

C.            How to improve interpreting skills

Protocols and ethical principles (4 hours)

A.            Pre-session

B.            Session: 1st person voice, managing flow, positioning

C.            Post-session

D.            Ethical Principles

1.            Completeness and Accuracy

2.            Impartiality

3.            Confidentiality

4.            Respect for individuals and their communities

5.            Cultural responsiveness

6.            Professionalism and integrity

How to improve interpreting skills (3 hours)

1.            Memory skills

2.            Note taking

3.            Sight translation

4.            Asking for clarification

5.            Cultural clarification

6.            Role-Plays:

  • Diabetes
  • E.R
  • Pre-natal care
  • Psychiatry

Cultural sensitivity and the role of the interpreter (3 hours)

E.            Culture in the medical encounter

F.            Cultural beliefs and practices

G.           Cultural clarifier role

H.            Role Plays / Scenarios

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