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Interpreting Course (Spanish) Level I, II and III [12 hr]

Instructor: Angela Zawadzki, PhD., State and Federal Court Certified Interpreter

Location: The Berkeley Language Institute (click here for directions)
Time: 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM x 3 Saturdays
Fee: $145 per person
Attendance: Minimum eight (8) students

This course requires a good level of fluency and comprehension in both Spanish and English. This is a more in-depth, hands-on course for those people who wish to obtain a deeper understanding of Spanish<>English interpretation. This course introduces students to interpretation in general and to consecutive interpretation in particular. We will also discuss the skills and techniques of simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation.

The course lays a foundation for the skills in consecutive interpretation, emphasizing the ability to understand a message in the Source language (SL) and convey it in the target language (TL) in a straightforward, natural and clear manner. We will develop student's ability to identify, analyze, and paraphrase meaning in the SL, and establish an overall coherent message. We will address the needs of professionals who wish to enter the interpretation market and current interpreters who wish to increase their skills.

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