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Translation Course (Spanish) Level I, II and III [12 hr]

Instructor: Mateo Rutherford

Location: The Berkeley Language Institute (click here for directions)
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM x 3 Saturdays
Fee: $125 per person
Attendance: Minimum eight (8) students

This course requires a good level of fluency in Spanish, English or both and a good level of comprehension in the other language. This is an in depth, hands on course for those people who wish to obtain a deeper understanding of Spanish<>English translation. This course is designed for people who wish to enter the translation market, for current translators who wish to increase their skills, for editors and proofreaders who must work with translated documents and for people who are required to translate on their job, but have had little or no formal training in the art of translation. The goal of this course is to improve your abilities and/or understanding of good translation techniques.

During this course we will delve much deeper into the analysis of the source text and target audience to determine appropriate translation techniques. We will analyze, translate and review a wide range of documents, from scientific reports to advertisements. We will end the class with a brief introduction to familiarize the student with the technology that is available and necessary for today’s translator. Students are highly encouraged to bring documents they are working with, or are required to translate or review on their jobs. This is a practical, hands-on course and students must be prepared to perform translations outside of class time, come to class with their translated documents, and give and receive constructive criticism. We will discuss specific, problematic issues when translating between the Spanish and English languages.

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