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The Theory of Translation [4 hrs.]

Instructor: Mateo Rutherford

Time: 9:00 AM to 12 noon

No second language is required. English comprehension is the only language requirement. This is an introductory course for people who are thinking about entering the field of translation, who are required to do some translation work on their job and desire formal training, or for consumers and contractors of translation work who wish to know more about the translation process and become better consumers of these services.

During this class you will learn what translation is – and more importantly – what it is not, or should not be. We will begin the class with a brief history of translation and theories of translation. We will then explore the units of translation and learn how to define the goals and methods of a translation based on a detailed analysis of the text and its target audience.

We will discuss the differences between translating personal legal documents, scientific reports, advertisements and literature. We will conclude with an in-class text analysis and translation practice assignment, which will serve as a starting point for those students wishing to continue with the Spanish Translation Level 1 course.

Prerequisite: read the article "Getting it Right" (available in PDF format at:

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